Best PS5 Accessories - Part 1

Picture this, you have just bought your first PS5 and are excited to start gaming on the best console on the market all from the comfort of your couch. You get home, launch the PS5, and have an amazing time. Later at night before turning in for the day, you decide to have a quick browse on the internet. However, the malicious algorithm, having sensed your big console purchase and eager to please its corporate creators, starts to bombard your screen with ads for everything PS5-related. You try to swipe away from them but it is too late, the seed has been planted within your mind and all it takes are brief glimpses of different color controllers and console skins to make you wonder: "What can I get to make my PS5 better?"

Now the above accounting is entirely fictional and overexaggerated but there is some truth in it. Customizing and accessorizing options for consoles is not as extensive as compared to PC but there are still many options available for customizing your PS5 setup. As part of the PS5 accessories community, we at SCRY seek to highlight the many ways one can make their PS5 their own be it cosmetic or performance-based. Like our coolers, we ensure that the products featured on our blog are highly functional and of quality design. Stay tuned for the first group of accessories we will look into: PS5 controllers.

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