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"The SCRY Artic is a new cooling unit designed to keep your PS5 from overheating." — IGN
"You need this device. It'll cool down your PS5 in a matter of minutes." — T3
"Sayonara PS5 overheating! Level up your cooling with SCRY Artic." — Game Rant
"SCRY Artic fan promises to dramatically cool your PS5." — GameFAQs

Meet the Benefits of PS5 Cooler

Significantly extends the longevity of PS5 console.

Safeguard from heat related damages.

Prevents unexpected game interruptions from intense gaming.


Meet the world's best PS5 cooler

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Lower Temperature


Higher Airflow


Faster Fans

Temperature drop

The cooler has been put to test by gamers and tech enthusiasts — the results are proven to decrease the temperature, with improved cooling.

Hyperfluid™ Technology

Six high-speed fans up to 10,000 RPM, engineered to move large volume of air to deliver high volume of heat extraction.

Lamella Design

Featuring a game-changing, patented design which allows maximum efficiency of air flow and heat dissipation.

SuperSpeed USB

Faster data transfer speed port allows seamless connectivity with your compatible PS5 gaming accessories.

<38dBA Noise Level

The cooler operates at low noise level, creating a comfortable and immersive gaming experience.

Flexible Orientation

The flexibility makes cooling possible for setups with limited spaces while still maintaining the same efficiency and performance.

LED Illumination

A cool, sleek and modern touch to the PS5 setup while serves as an indicator for when the cooler is turned on.


Fast and seamless installation and setup — no screws, software or drives. Spend more time gaming and less time setting up.

Accessible Ports

The cooler does not obstruct any ports or buttons, ensuring all ports on the PS5 console remain easily accessible without removing the cooler.

First AI-Powered PS5 Slim Cooler

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