Best PS5 Accessories - Part 2: Controllers

SONY's DualSense Controller is a fantastic controller straight out of the box. Reliable, comfortable, and featuring game-changing immersive haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. All vast improvements that outshine the previous generation of PS4 Dualshock controllers and modern-day competition. Unfortunately, gamers are a picky bunch and oftentimes need something more than a good all-round controller. We have scoured the internet to present a curated list of the best controllers available to PS5 users.


SONY PS5 DualSense Controller

SONY PS5 DualSense Controllers and Color Variants

The successor to the Dualshock controller, the DualSense retains the comfortable feel of its predecessor while being an actual haptic device. However, the DualSense controller is not without fault. The Haptic and Adaptive trigger features are available in a small number of games but previous batches of DualSense controllers are rife with durability issues. Stick drift, fragile triggers, and short battery life are common complaints. However, more recent batches have been reported to fix the durability issues and if you are still interested in grabbing a DualSense controller there is plenty of different color varieties. These varieties include in order from left to right:

  • Ordinary White

  • Nova Pink

  • Midnight Black

  • Grey Camouflage

  • Galactic Purple

  • Starlight Blue

  • Cosmic Red


SONY PS5 DualSense Edge Controller

SONY PS5 DualSense Edge Controller Package

The DualSense Edge is SONY's first attempt at making a pro controller and features many quality-of-life updates over the regular DualSense. The DualSense Edge contains both ergonomic improvements and customization software for the DualSense Edge's buttons and controls. It has a shorter battery life and it's replaceable button/ features help somewhat fix the stick drift issues. Overall, it is much better than the DualSense but it sports a hefty price tag so other alternatives may be more viable. But if you like a good mid-ground between a regular controller to a pro controller then the DualSense Edge is a good choice.


Razer Wolverine V2 Pro

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro Controller

Razer's offering to the pro-grade PS5 controller market is worthy of attention. Sacrificing haptics and adaptive trigger, the Wolverine comes with vastly better battery life, customizability, and overall design-build. Aside from it's hefty price tag, the Wolverine's additional back buttons may not be the most comfortable to reach and in terms of size the Wolverine is considered a big controller. If you are a gamer who likes customizability and big controllers then Wolverine might be the controller for you.


Victrix Pro BFG

Victrix Pro BFG

In terms of modularity, Victrix owns that crown. Their new Victrix Pro BFG controller allows users to switch around the input control layout. If you are the type to want an every-game capable package in one controller then the Victrix is right for you. Though for the price of having extreme modularity the Victrix does suffer in the build quality and software department, it is still a worthy contender if you enjoy switching this up easily.


Scuf Reflex Pro PS5

SCUF PS5 Reflex Controller Series

If you decide to take SONY 's DualSense and DualSense Edge and fine-tune everything, even cosmetically, then you will get the Scuf Reflex controller. The Scuf is essentially the final boss of the DualSense controllers, it comes in three variants and has a whole host of customizable features. If you want the best custom PS5 controller then check out the Scuf Reflex series.


AimControllers Pro

AimCon Controllers

If the Scuf Reflex is a bespoke DualSense controller then the AimController is the DualSense with limitless cosmetic customizable features. The customizable options increase as you choose the more high-end options that AimControllers provide but you will have a one-of-a-kind premium controller.


Honorable Mentions:

Nacon Revolution Unlimited - Best PS4 controller for the PS5 (only works for PS4 games on the PS5)

Nacon Revolution Unlimited PS4/5 Controller

Hori PS5 Fighting Commander OCTA - Best controller for PS5 fighting games.

Hori PS5 Fighting Commander OCTA

HexGaming Hex Ultimate - Turn your basic DualSense controller into an esports beast.

HexGaming PS5 Controller

Backbone 1 PS Edition - Turn your mobile phone (only iPhone) into a portable PS gaming controller.

Backbone 1 Mobile Gaming PS Edition

Thrustmaster T248 - The most realistic wheel and pedal set for racing games. Pricey for high quality.

Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel and Pedal


These are the best controllers available to the PS5, ones that are recommended multiple times by other PS5 users. This is not an exhaustive list and SCRY will release a list update in the future, in the meantime we hope this list is sufficient to provide insight into the varieties available to you when considering upgrading your controller. Stay tuned for the next blog where we explore another category of PS5 accessories: 'Headsets.'

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