Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, Upcoming News!

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is Ubisoft's latest offering, set to release on current-gen platforms on December 7th.

Developed by Massive Entertainment, in collaboration with Disney and Lightstorm Entertainment, and built with the Snowdrop engine, Avatar Frontiers of Pandora will allow players to step into the feet of a Na'Vi and discover the world of Pandora while battling the RDA invaders in this new first-person action-adventure epic.

Currently, Avatar Frontier of Pandora is available in the following editions:

Standard Edition Pre-Order - $69.99 (Anywhere)
- The game
- Child of Two Worlds pack - 1 Character Cosmetic Set & 1 Premium Weapon Skin

Gold Edition - $119.99 (GameStop Exclusive Physical ver.) / $109.99 (Digital Version)
- The game
- Steelbook Case (physical ver. only)
- Season Pass (2 DLCs)
- Bonus Mission
- Resistance Banshee Mount - 1 Unique Banshee Skin
- Resistance Equipment Pack - 1 Character Gear Set & 1 Weapon

Ultimate Edition - $129.99 (Digital)
- The game
- Season Pass (2 DLCs)
- Bonus Mission
- Resistance Banshee Mount - 1 Unique Banshee Skin
- Resistance Equipment Pack - 1 Character Gear Set & 1 Weapon
- Sarentu Herative Cosmetic Pack - 1 Character Cosmetic Set, 1 Premium Weapon Skin & 1 Banshee Cosmetic Set
- Sarentu Hunter Equipment Pack - 1 Character Gear Set & 1 Unique Weapon

Collector's Edition - $229.99 (Gamestop Exclusive - can only pre-order if you have a PRO membership - $14.99)
- Ultimate Edition copy of the game
- 35 cm statue of the hero
- 128-page art book featuring artwork created by Ubisoft Massive
- The Resistance field notebook
- Premium SteelBook
- AMP suit blueprint in A2 format
- Set of three lithographs
- Numbered certificate of authenticity
- The season pass includes two upcoming story packs and more
- Two cosmetic packs including the Sarentu Heritage cosmetic pack and the Sarentu Hunter equipment pack
- Digital art book

PS5 Exclusives
For fans who are planning to get Avatar Frontier of Pandora on the PS5, sit back because there are exclusive features for PS5 players.
First off, in addition to the bonuses for pre-ordering, all PS5 users will be given the Aranahe Warrior pack.
Secondly, the DualSense adaptive triggers and haptic feedback have been fully configured for maximum immersion. Players will be able to feel the tension of your Na'Vi firing their bow as well as weapon recoil from firing as well as over 400 unique haptic effects.
Lastly, Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is fully configured for the PS5 so you will able to fully enjoy the immersive experience of adventuring on Pandora from the beautiful environment to the sensory audio.

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