PS5 Trends and News Updates for Mid-November 2023

Welcome to this week's blog post on the latest industry trends and news updates surrounding the PS5. Here are some of the most recent developments shaping the PS5 world as of 16th November 2023: 

1. PS5 Sale Projection for 2023

Sony has set a target of shipping a whopping 25 million PS5 units throughout 2023, making it the best year for any PlayStation console in history. According to a top Sony exec, the company is on track to meet that target and is confident in achieving 'record-breaking sales'. One thing is for sure, the demand for the PS5 is going strong, and remains a popular choice among gamers.
Sony Online Entertainment has revealed the November 2023 lineup for PlayStation Plus subscribers that will be available from November 21. Game Catalog lineup for Extra and Premium subscribers, and Classic Catalog for Premium subscribers. Some game catalog titles include Teardown, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, and Superliminal. 
The second quarter of 2023 reveals that Sony shipped approximately 4.9 million PS5 units. These numbers show that the console is high in demand even after its initial release in 2020. Despite the challenges of global supply constraints, Sony has been continually working to meet the market's needs and fulfill consumer expectations.
With the holiday season approaching, Sony has unveiled a new look for the PS5. In this update, Sony aims to enhance the visual appeal of the console and maintain its position as a sleek and stylish gaming device. The rollout of the new console variant began in November, offered in both the standard Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and the Digital Edition version.
That ends our roundup of PlayStation 5 industry trends and news updates for this week of November 16, 2023. 

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