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SCRY Artic: The Most Advanced External PS5 Cooler Fan

SCRY Artic: The Most Advanced External PS5 Cooler Fan

[August 08, 2023] – We are proud to announce that the world's most advanced cooler for PlayStation®5 (PS5) consoles will now be available worldwide! The support and traction received by reviewers surrounding the SCRY Artic has been amazing and we are excited to share the in-depth design features we have implemented based on feedback to optimize temperature control and heat extraction to ensure PS5 consoles stay cool even in the face of the most graphical intense games and environments.

While the PS5 is equipped with standard cooling features, extended gaming sessions or limited ventilation can result in temperature-related issues. SCRY Artic's patented Lamella frame design provides a solution by having a large surface area for increased heat dispersion within the PS5 internals, ensuring the console remains cool even during the most intense gaming sessions.


SCRY Artic's Hyperfluid Fans consists of six high-speed fans operating at up to 10,000 RPM to extract and dissipate heat through the console's exhaust vents for consistently low internal temperatures and prolonging the PS5’s hardware lifespan without affecting the gamers immersion.

Silent operation has been a key focus for SCRY Artic's development. With noise levels measuring under 40dBA, SCRY Artic preserves the gameplay immersion for PS5 gamers by eliminating distractions caused by external noise.

SCRY Artic also offers the convenience of SuperSpeed USB, boasting a transfer rate of up to 10 Gbps. This feature enables quick and seamless data transfer between the PS5 console and other compatible external drives, resulting in faster data transfer times for games and files as well as a smoother overall gaming experience.


Installing the SCRY Artic uses simple plug-n-play installation. Moreover, SCRY Artic has been meticulously engineered not to obstruct any ports or buttons on the PS5 console, providing gamers with uninterrupted access to all the ports located on the console.

Thermal measurements were the key focus of our product to regulate and reduce temperatures in the PS5. Through rigorous testing with thermal imaging devices, we managed to push the PS5 to its maximum load while keeping it at a low average temperature. Data collected from these tests were then used to finetune the fan designs for further maximum cooling efficiency.


Our founder, Aldous Grayson encountered common issues such as excessive noise and overheating issues while using his PlayStation 5 console which sparked this initiative to develop an external cooling solution with the team at SCRY - The SCRY Artic that will benefit not only himself, but also provides a solution to the entire community which of as recent have been going through some reports of console overheating as the systems becomes obsolete over time.

SCRY Artic is now live on Kickstarter, offering gaming enthusiasts the opportunity to support the project and secure their unit at an early bird price starting from $29 instead of $59.90. Shipment of SCRY Artic units is expected to begin in July 2023.

For more information and to support the SCRY Artic Kickstarter campaign visit:

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