Artic S PS5 Slim Cooler (Pre-Order Deposit)

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Color: Black

Receive an EXCLUSIVE GIFT when you place a PRE-ORDER DEPOSIT ahead of launch.

Artic S

The First Revolutionary AI-Powered PS5 Slim Cooler.

Receive an EXCLUSIVE GIFT when you place a PRE-ORDER DEPOSIT ahead of launch.

Key Features

Smart Thermal AI

Intelligently monitors and adjusts cooling performance in real-time.

Dynamic Hyperfluid

Upgrade from the Hyperfluid™, designed to maintain its peak performance.

Adaptive Fan Speed

Automatically adjusts fan speed based on temperature fluctuations.

Good Track Record

"The SCRY Artic is a new cooling unit designed to keep your PS5 from overheating." — IGN
"You need this device. It'll cool down your PS5 in a matter of minutes." — T3
"Sayonara PS5 overheating! Level up your cooling with SCRY Artic." — Game Rant
"SCRY Artic fan promises to dramatically cool your PS5." — GameFAQs

Customers Reviews

United States

Michael B.

As someone who plays for hours, this cooler is a must-have. It’s easy to set up and the USB port is great and works perfectly. Another thing to note, you'll need to tweak the sleep mode settings to power off the cooler.

United States

Bryan L.

Easy to install and the fans work great. The cooler doesn't come with power off switch but you can do that by changing the USB settings in sleep mode. The cooler fits perfectly onto my PS5 and really draws the hot air out.

United States


Surprisingly, I can feel the hot air blowing out of my PS5 after installing it. Everything is good but the fan noise is noticeable.



Great cooler, it works vertically and horizontally even with my charging stand. This is the second cooler fan I've bought and I'm satisfied with this. Works well to blow the hot air from the ps5.

United States

Sarah L.

Love the design. It works well but could do better in terms of shipment. It took a few weeks to get to me. Overall, a good buy.

United States

Joe R.

Very nice design and fits my ps5 perfectly. This is good for people who wants to keep their ps5 cool as it really blows hot air out. The usb port works well to charge my controller and connecting my external drives. Good job to the team behind this.


Edward H.

Not the cheapest but investing in this cooler was the best decision I made for my PS5. It works as advertised and it's easy to install. The USB works perfectly fine and the white light is a nice touch.