SCRY Artic: The Most Advanced External PS5 Cooler Fan
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SCRY Artic: The Most Advanced External PS5 Cooler Fan

[August 08, 2023] – We are proud to announce that the world's most advanced cooler for PlayStation®5 (PS5) consoles will now be available worldwide! The support and traction received by reviewers s...

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Cooling Fans vs Water Cooling For PlayStation 5 – Is there a Difference?

With a wide variety of options for gamers to accessorize and improve their gameplay through external cooling peripherals. Choosing what's best for you may be a daunting tasks this holiday season. I...

PS5New PS5 slim disk drive breakdown

PS5 Slim 'Teardown' and changeable Disk Drives

Diving into the inner workings of the PS5 and shedding light on its changeable disk drive feature in YouTuber Mystic's video on the upcoming PS5 slim.

console accessoriesSCRY Cooling Fan with DHL Electric Van

GoGreen with SCRY

The leading premium PS5 Cooler brand SCRY has signed up for DHL’s GoGreen Plus service to reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent The partnership signifies SCRY’s clear commitment to combat climate ...

console accessoriesPS5 Slim Release Bundle

PS5 Slim Coming Soon! What to Expect.

The PS5 Slim is coming out soon and right on time too. With Black Friday just around the corner, the PS5 Slim is dropping in hot with some special bundles. Here is all the information available abo...

11/11Two people holding PS5 controller

Treat your PS5 this Single's Day Sale!

SCRY celebrates 11/11 Singles Day!