PS5 Slim 'Teardown' and changeable Disk Drives

While the PS5 slim's official release is still unspecified, the console is available for pre-order among some retailers as a Black Friday Console Bundle. To no surprise, some customers are able to get their lucky hands on the console a little early, including YouTuber Mystic who made a comprehensive deep dive video into the PS5 slim. Shoutout to Mystic for providing such an awesome review to those who want to know more about Sony's console update.

One important element Mystic covered is the PS5 Slim's removable disk drive feature. To cut things short, disk drives will pair to any console even if it's different from the registered console. The only downside is the need for an internet connection for driver updates and registration.

Mystic's video covered all the important aspects of the PS5 slim from an in-depth physical comparison, and the packaging to even a teardown of the new console. We do recommend giving his video a watch if you are curious about the PS5 slim.

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