PS5 Slim Coming Soon! What to Expect.

The PS5 Slim is coming out soon and right on time too. With Black Friday just around the corner, the PS5 Slim is dropping in hot with some special bundles. Here is all the information available about the PS5 Slim's release. 

The PS5 Slim Bundle consists of:

  • 1 x PS5 Slim console w. Disk Drive 
  • 1 x Wireless PS5 Controller
  • 1 x Game (Spiderman 2 or COD: Modern Warfare 3)

This bundle comes priced at $499 and you can find the product at:

For those not getting on the PS5 Slim train, don't worry for there are loads of other discounts for the launch PS5 and PS5 accessories. Why not level up your gaming performance this November with SCRY's Artic Cooler? Check it out at SCRY's website and grab a cooler for your launch PS5. Stay cool and game longer. 

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