The Top 5 Best PS5 Games to play November 2023

2023 is a great year for PS5 gamers with many awesome titles released that made waves among the gaming community. All the game featured on this list took advantage of the PS5's advanced features to deliver graphically beautiful and stunning gameplay to PS5 gamers. Here are 5 best games for the PS5. 

Baldur's Gate 3

Based of  the famous role-playing game of Dungeons and Dragons. Baldur's Gate is a perfect combination of graphical visuals, engaging story, and the chaotic freedom of Dungeon and Dragons all rolled into one perfect package. Prepare yourself for hours of replay as you explore the sheer myriad of ways to play Baldur's Gate. 

Diablo 4

Blizzards new entry into the Diablo franchise certainly does not disappoint. Diablo breathes new life into the franchise thorough innovative new class/build systems, massive lore expansion and story. This cinematic sequel is definitely a worthwhile game to considered for your collection. 

God of War: Ragnarök

Like fine wine, the God of War games have aged extremely well. This new installment into the God of War franchise sees our favorite son and father duo with talking head continue their adventures through the realms of Norse Mythology. Fantastic storyline mixed with glorious action-movie cinematic combat, what not to love?!

Spiderman 2

The sequel to the hero action-adventure blockbuster of the first Spider Man game. Insomniac Games brings both Spidermen and Miles Morales face-to-face with Spidey's rogue gallery in a new and beautiful playground of New York City. 

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 (SF6) is a fantastic addition to the fighting game franchise and made a huge splash on arrival. Some of its features involve: character redesigns, a new refined combo system, and the new World Tour mode that allows for personal character creation and a custom fighting move-set. SF6 is widely applauded by both newcomers and veterans alike and we definitely recommend giving SF6 a try.


End Note: 

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