Hardware Repair or Upgrade
PlayStation 5

Why optimizing your PS5 is essential?

Discussing why optimizing your PS5 is beneficial in the long-term for both your gameplay perspective and the overall health of the PS5.

console accessoriesFan Blowing Cool Air to Woman

Cooling Fans vs Water Cooling For PlayStation 5 – Is there a Difference?

With a wide variety of options for gamers to accessorize and improve their gameplay through external cooling peripherals. Choosing what's best for you may be a daunting tasks this holiday season. I...

PS5New PS5 slim disk drive breakdown

PS5 Slim 'Teardown' and changeable Disk Drives

Diving into the inner workings of the PS5 and shedding light on its changeable disk drive feature in YouTuber Mystic's video on the upcoming PS5 slim.