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Maximizing Gaming Performance: How Does External Cooling Systems Impact Console Longevity?

In the ever-changing world of gaming, performance and longevity of gaming consoles has become a top priority for both hardcore and casual players alike. Enter the Artic Cooler: the most advanced ex...

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Why optimizing your PS5 is essential?

Discussing why optimizing your PS5 is beneficial in the long-term for both your gameplay perspective and the overall health of the PS5.

Cooling FansThe Evolution of Console Cooling

The Evolution of Console Cooling

The gaming industry has witnessed great improvements over time, particularly in phrases of console generation. From the early days of classic consoles to the present day generation, one component t...

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Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, Upcoming News!

All upcoming news of the newest upcoming game - Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

console accessoriesSCRY Artic: The Most Advanced External PS5 Cooler Fan

SCRY Artic: The Most Advanced External PS5 Cooler Fan

[August 08, 2023] – We are proud to announce that the world's most advanced cooler for PlayStation®5 (PS5) consoles will now be available worldwide! The support and traction received by reviewers s...

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Cooling Fans vs Water Cooling For PlayStation 5 – Is there a Difference?

With a wide variety of options for gamers to accessorize and improve their gameplay through external cooling peripherals. Choosing what's best for you may be a daunting tasks this holiday season. I...